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WRH Blog

  • Talkin' Trains Seminar Debrief!
    February 3, 2023

    Talkin' Trains Seminar Debrief!

    Saturday, January 28th we held our first Talkin' Trains seminar. Fred & Ben - two of our train associates had 8 in attendance to learn all about laying track! Step by step they covered the best practices on laying track....

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  • Rapido Roundup
    December 27, 2022

    Rapido Roundup

    The Christmas Announcement for Rapido 2022 has dropped- and all the pre orders are live on our website!  Rapido Pre order can be found HERE.

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  • Ryan's Layout Update #1
    December 17, 2022

    Ryan's Layout Update #1

    Many of our local customers know that I am in the process of rebuilding a double deck train layout that we got from one of our late customers, Stan Ebersole. Many locals have known Stan from his videos that were...

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  • The Magic of Marklin
    December 16, 2022

    The Magic of Marklin

    Marklin was founded by Friedrich Wilhelm Marklin in 1859 in Goppingen, Germany. Marklin is a manufacturer of model trains and digital multi-train control systems. People who have been allowed to experience the magic of a Marklin model railroad keep this...

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    December 1, 2022

    KATO announces the Union Pacific Big Boy in N Scale!

    N SCALE UP 4-8-8-4 BIG BOY STEAM LOCOMOTIVES The 4-8-8-4 Big Boy is an articulated Steam Engine manufactured by the American Locomotive Company between 1941 and 1944. The Union Pacific was the sole purchaser of these engines, owning and operating...

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  • Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad
    November 24, 2022

    Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad

    Modeling the Standard Railroad of the World, the Pennsylvania Railroad. Most fans simplify the title down to the Pennsy or PRR, but whatever you call it it is one of the most modeled railroads of all time. Located in Central...

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