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Tristan Mundis O Scale Model Train Layout

Local O Scale Layout Has Open House for TCA Show.

Local historian and model railroader Tristan Mundis had his layout open for an evening after the York TCA spring show. We were invited to stop by if we had a chance after the show on Friday. 

Tristan has been collecting trading and selling O Scale model trains for many years, many of you are probably familiar with seeing his ads on Facebook Marketplace. It was nice to see some of the products we have sold him over the years and where all of those shakers of Woodland Scenic's ended up.

As we walked down the stairs to the basement the smell and haze of JT Mega Steam filled the air. The layout is approximately 17x12 with a double track mainline with many sidings. He uses both MTH DCS and Lionel Legacy to control the trains. He was running a variety of equipment many with local ties to the area including the Yorkrail, Maryland & Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania Railroads. There are many vehicles, figures and details making every scene complete.

O Scale van down by the river
A Chris Farley figure sourced from a SNL board game.

O Scale farm with cows
Woodland Scenics barn with cows

MPA O Scale Caboose and Boxcars
O Scale General Store Porch at Night
O Scale Feed Mill
O Gauge Starlight Diner
K-Line Starlight Diner

O Scale Gas Station and TV and Appliance Store
One of our favorite Woodland Scenic's buildings the Smith Brothers TV and Appliance Store

O Scale downtown scene
O Scale downtown scene with vehicles
O Scale cornfield and farm
O Gauge Lionel Swingset
Operating Lionel swing set

O Scale Dallastown, Pa Train Station
Scratch built O Scale Dallastown, Pa Railroad Station built by Corey Wrinkler. Corey models the Maryland and Pennsylvania in HO Scale from 1925-1930. You can see his layout on YouTube: Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad in HO Scale

O Scale downtown street with vehicles and figures
Starlight Diner at Night
O Scale downtown night time scene.
O Scale building at night
O Scale loading dock at night
Vetter Sash and Door in O Scale with lights and rotating exhaust fans
The exhaust fans in the Vetter Sash & Door Company actually rotate.

Train depot at night
O Scale popsicle billboard at night
K-Line Starlight Diner at Night
O Scale TTX boxcar
O Scale Haunted House Scene
Check out this haunted house scene built by Tristan's uncle.

O Scale Michael Myers with haunted horror house
Is that Michael Myers on the porch?

Vehicle on fire scene in O Scale
Firefighters putting out a vehicle fire

O Scale Fire Fighter
After my visit I found out that this fireman is actually representing my uncle Tom Eckert who was a Lieutenant Fire Chief of York City.

Check out this video of the layout in operation!


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John D Sewell - June 26, 2023

Another true inspiration. All of the scenes buildings and characters are great.

Tristan Mundis - June 26, 2023

Fantastic article! Glad you have you guys over to see it.

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