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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
Get Technical with Traxxas

Get Technical with Traxxas

      The benefits to hobbies are insurmountable, from spending quality time with your family, to lowering your stress, to even just having fun or friendly competition. What happens when you’re out with the family, ripping your RC and all of a sudden it stops working? Basic troubleshooting and a starter tool kit is a great place to start. Shop all tools at White Rose Hobbies here:

      Most brands of RC cars, including Traxxas have a great support website. Traxxas can be found here: Arrma can be found here: As an example we are going to use Traxxas below!

       You can find out information on how to register your model, manuals, parts lists, and great videos/pages for each topic related to your RC. For example, a common issue is that a RC car gets disconnected from the receiver for some reason. Traxxas has an entire support page on this issue found here:

      On this page are images, and an entire tutorial video. Once you diagnose your issue(s), we can help with getting the parts you need! In this instance a transmitter and/or receiver Need help installing? We also work on RC cars at $40/hr for electric vehicles and $50/hr for nitro plus parts & tax! 

     Let’s say you have a 1/16 Slash, you would select the Support By Product:

       Then you would scroll on the Support By Product page until you found your model, in this case the 1/16 Slash:

       Once finding your vehicle, and selecting it, you will find the following information about your model:

       If you can troubleshoot/diagnose your product and find the part number you need; stop in the shop to pick up the product or we can order the part for you for instore pick up!

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