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Busch Manufacturer Spotlight

Busch Manufacturer Spotlight

Busch Manufacturer Spotlight

Starting with a bang in 1955 manufacturing fireworks, increasing regulation soon led the Busch family to purchase their first injection molding machine. Busch entered the hobby industry in 1958 with aircraft kits, by 1960 a new and fast-growing line of model railroad accessories put the firm on the fast-track to success.

While the fireworks are long-gone, Busch continues to deliver more bang for your hobby buck to modelers worldwide! Today’s product line includes over 900 different items, from scenery materials to advanced electronics, along with 400+ vehicles in HO and N Scales - we will feature a small selection on this blog, but you can visit our Busch Brand Page here:

As it says in the title graphic, setting the scene is one of Busch specialties. They make it easy to quickly detail a scene on your model railroad layout or diorama. Their complete scene offerings are priced very well compared to their separate sale items. A few of our favorites include the beaver lodge and camping trailer park scenes.

Busch 7893 HO Scale Beaver Lodge with 4 Beavers and Tree Miniature Scene Busch 1054 HO Scale Airstream Camping Trailer Park Scene

Building upon the scene theme you can naturally think of the scenery on your layout. Busch has a very diverse line of hundreds of products to help create a world in miniature that mimics the on we see out of our windows everyday. The offer a variety of pine/fir trees, deciduous tress as you might expect but their uniqueness really shows when you dig deeper into their offerings and see the wheat and corn fields, the pumpkin patch, grape vines, and various garden and flower scenes.

Busch offers hundreds of N Scale and HO Scale vehicle options from a simple wooden cart, to SUVs, all the way to UFO Flying Saucers. The majority of the vehicles we stock at the shop are vehicles covering many eras that you would see on any American layout including a 1966 Cadillac with Steer Horns we call the "Big Daddy", 1950 Chevy Pickups, LaFrance Fire Trucks, modern Mercedes Delivery Vans, and campers with and without tow vehicles!

Busch 42963 HO Scale (1:87) 1966 Cadillac Limousine "Big Daddy" with Steer Horns  Busch LaFrance Fire Trucks

Busch 48243 HO Scale 1950 Chevrolet Pickup Truck with Nagetusch Camper Trailer

Stop in the shop or browse online today to see our great selection of Busch products and add to your model railroad layout or vehicle collection today!

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