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The Perfect PIt

The Perfect PIt

Packing up everything you need for a RC event or race and not sure where to begin? Race Director Dave has graciously given us an insider view of his at home pit set up. What is the perfect pit???? Everybody has their own perfect pit, but this might give you a place to start!


Packing up and going mobile begins with your base! A good folding table will do and can be easily transported/moved in an instant. You may want to check with the venue you are visiting for pit space specifics. On top of your table you will craft your workspace with the foundation being a pit mat. A good pit mat will help you keep everything contained to the table, grip small pieces so you don't lose them, and protect your table from the grease and the grime. 

Here at the shop we stock a variety of pit mats- from rubber to magnetic mats! 

Looking at the pit set up from a bird's eye view we are going to work our way from left to right as best we can with product highlights and must-haves for every pit set up. 

1. Parts Tool Box: Any parts bin or tool box from your local hardware store will do. The best models to go with have compartments to separate and organize by parts/hardware for easiest grab and go repairs. A fishing tackle box will even do the job!

2. Shock Stand: Perfecting the weight of your shock oil, and rebuilding your shocks? A shock stand is the perfect third hand you didn't know you needed! We stock a ProTek Stand or we recommend a custom request from Darkside 3D Printing.

3. RC Fluids: From shock oil, grease, tire prep, to tire glue you want to make sure you have everything to keep your vehicle lubricated, and running top notch. Find all your RC fluids at the shop!

4. Tool Holder/Fluid Holder/Tire Holder: Want to make sure your fluids and tools are handy and at the ready?! A tool/fluid/tire holder is the way to go and stay organized. Duratrax makes a great started stand or Darkside 3D Printing makes great custom holders pictured below.

 Tire Tubes to the left!

5. Battery/Charger/LiPo Charging Bag: Now to get your car running- you will need a battery, AA batteries for your controller in most cases, and a charger to keep your pack fresh all during the event. All of our in stock batteries/chargers/charging bags can be found HERE!

6. Tools: You've started racing or crawling and you have a break on your vehicle! Whip out your tools from the tool stand and get to wrenching. Our favorite tool kits are found in our tool kit section on the web or in the shop! 

7. RC Cleaner: The event you are at is over and your RC car is looking less than fresh. We recommend Simple Green or great cleaning products from COW RC like Moo Kleen

8. Car Stand: All the work you've done was done much easier with the car stand you brought along. Getting the car off the pit mat and lifted will make it easier to clean, tune, and repair during the event! 

9. CAR: You made it to the event and whoops you did not bring your RC car. Look, it's happened to us all, but that's why it is on your list! Featured in the pit photo is the EuroTruck Fat Fox! 

10. Odd/Ends: A few other odds/ends that we think make pit life easier: power strip, extension cord, pop up if its going to be sunny/rainy, generator if electric isn't easily accessible, sunscreen, snacks, chair, and hydration! 

This is not a comprehensive list, but a starter place to get your pit up and going. You can't bring everything with you, but hopefully you are attending an event near or at a hobby shop that will be able to stock all the things you break, or forgot to bring! We sure hope to see you at one of our events soon! Check the entire list out!




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