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Oldie But Goodie

Oldie But Goodie

Hobby shops are not a new trend to hit local cities. Model trains, model kits, rocketry, remote control and more have been around for decades. Every now and then we have some oldie, but goodie products brought in to be donated to us or appraised. We have acquired a collection of trains and remote control that are on display in the shop in our "museum" sections. 

Remote control have come a long way from nitro and crystals in the controllers to batteries and stronger frequency radios. In 1971 Team Associated, known then as Associated, debuted its first vehicle, the RC1 which was an 1/8-scale nitro-powered on-road pan car. 

Stop by the shop to check out our collection of remote control throwbacks!



Ryan prides himself on his collection of model trains as well. When did model trains begin?? The history of model trains goes back way farther than that of remote control. In 1891 Marklin a German company invented the first mass market of model train sets. By the 1950's they were one of the most popular toys for boys in the United States!



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