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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!

RC Racing

WRH RC Racing Circuit

Club Racing at White Rose Hobbies RC Racing Circuit

White Rose Hobbies offers an outdoor RC asphalt track. Our track is a great introduction to RC racing. Come in practice and race without the intimidation of a Pro only environment. We make RC fun!

We do not currently have any club racing scheduled for our indoor carpet track.

Our tracks feature a drivers stand, pit area, and a MyLaps RC4 timing system to keep track of those hot laps! We also use LiveTime Scoring and results and live racing can be found on our LiveRC page!

Facebook Group for club racing at WRH:


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2022 Summer Club Racing Schedule

June 4th (Tentative)
June 18th
June 25th
July 2nd
July 23rd
Aug 6th
Aug 20th
Aug 27th
Sept 3rd
Sept 10th
Sept 24th
Oct 8th

Entry Fees: 

$25 - 1 Class Entry
$35 - Unlimited Class Entries
$15 - Daily Practice 

If you register for a single class and there are not enough cars to run we will refund the entry fee or give store credit.

On-Road Asphalt Track General Rules  

  • Vehicles will be required to meet ROAR specifications please reference the ROAR Rule Book
  • Only 2S batteries are permitted and should be charged in an appropriate container
  • Batteries should not be charged beyond 8.4 volts NO HIGH VOLTAGE
  • All Wings and bodies must be trimmed with rounded corners
  • You are responsible for any damages caused by your R/C vehicle to the property


  • TCS (Tamiya Championship Series)
  • Tamiya Euro truck Class (Shop Euro Truck Now!)
    • This is a pure box stock class open to any skill level hobbyist.
    • Recommended Minimum Skill level: Novice, Intermediate to Advanced
    • 16.1 Legal kits: Item 58632 Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS, 58642 Team Reinert Racing MAN TGS, 58661 Buggyra Racing Fat Fox, and 58683 Tankpool24 Mercedes Actros
    • 16.2 The kit must be built EXACTLY per the instruction manual.
    • 16.3 The ONLY Hop-Op Options permitted are Ball Bearings (ANY BRAND), and any Tamiya servo saver.
    • 16.4 Must use the stock pinion and spur gear.
    • 16.5 Must use the kit supplied Tamiya TBLE-02S/TBLE-04S ESC/THW-1060 Brushed Motor ESC (2-3S) Hobbywing OEM-Same as QUICRUN 1060 BRUSHED ESC (2-3S).
    • 16.6 Must use the kit supplied motor (item 54358 RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor)
    • 16.7 Battery connector on ESC may be changed to DEANS type or XT-60.
    • 16.8 The Motor Bullet Connectors may not be removed.
    • 16.9 The ESC & Motor wires may not be shortened, or removed!
    • 16.10 All polycarbonate body parts must be used.
    • 16.11 All screws in the kit must be used. You may not omit screws to change the handling of the truck.
    • 16.12 Minimum weight: NONE. No weights, of ANY KIND, may be put on the truck for ballast.
    • 16.13 Adding FOAM material to the kit foam bumper is permitted. You may also use item 54819 Urethane Bumper XL in place of the stock size bumper.
    • 16.14 Tires: Must use kit type tires, and wheels.
    • 16.15 Any grease, or lube may be used to lubricate gears, or moving parts.
    • 16.16 Any Tamiya Hi-Torque Servo Saver is Permitted.
    • 16.17 It’s permitted to mix & match front/rear wheels on the truck for durability.
    • 16.18 Batteries: Any stick-pack type, hard round case LiPO, NiCD, or Ni-MH is permitted. Examples: Reedy Wolf-Pack, or Peak Racing Powermax batteries. 
  • White Rose Tamiya Production
    • This is a mixed class for any Tamiya TT or TL chassis car, Eurotruck, or M Chassis (M05 and older) We will separate out classes if there is at least 5 racers for an individual class: Cars, Eurotruck, 2wd mini
    • Cars Must be left completely stock aside from a bearing kit. Stock friction shocks, stock springs, and stock sized pinion gears must all be used. *****If you have an issue with a part (for example the front driveshafts of a TT02) you may install an upgrade part for purposes of durability, please use this exception sparingly. The front diff should still work as a diff, you can put grease in it but no putties, earplugs, or lockers. Shocks can be greased, but make sure it does not ooze onto the track.
    • Tamiya TT01 comes stock with a 19t pinion and that is the size you must use
    • Tamiya TT02 comes stock with a 22t pinion and that is the size you must use
    • Motors will be the included silver can sealed end bell type motor that comes with the kit, torque tuned
    • The kit ESC or 1060 must be used.
    • You may use the tires included with your kit or the USGT spec tire that we run in USGT class. Race Director has the discretion to move people to Expert Production.
    • TCS Classes can be added if enough cars are present (5 Minimum)  
  • FWD (Shop FWD Now!)
    • Open Battery(2S), USGT or 25.5 motor  the body must match the FWD Platform.
    • USGT Spec Tires Only (Click Here for our current selection)
    • Tire warmers are permitted in this class
  • F1 (Shop F1 Now)
    • Open rubber tire, Open Battery(1S/2S), 25.5 motor max(2S), Tire warmers are permitted in this class
  • World GT-R (Shop World GT-R Now!)
    • We follow roar rules for this class with the exception of the total car weight being 1025g we do not use WGTR rules!  No minimum body weight.  Any body can be used from USGT/VTA/WGTR lists. Tires are open rubber tire, but the CRC tires are highly recommended.
  • 21.5 Touring (Shop 21.5 Touring Car Now!)
    • Any 4wd touring car chassis, specifications must follow ROAR rules, 21.5t motor, Blinky ESC, 2s battery (shorty or std) 1320g min. weight. Rubber tire only. You may use tire warmers in this class.
  • USGT (Shop USGT Now!)
    • Following USGT rules, USGT Fixed timing motor, USGT tires, USGT weight Minimum, 2S battery.
    • USGT Spec Tires Only (Click Here for our current selection)
    • Tire warmers are permitted
  • VTA (Shop VTA Now!)
    • VTA legal body, 25.5 motor
  • Traxxas 4-tec Class
    • Any Traxxas 4-tec brushed only NO VXL must have stock ESC and Motor. Traxxas hop ups are allowed but must be Traxxas. Must run a Traxxas 4-tec body. Any Traxxas 4-tec wheel and tire can be used. You will be permitted to change transmitter and servo only.

5 Makes a class

Our core classes we will run every week. Additional classes may run at the race directors discretion and must have a standardized rule set, certain box stock classes may be considered.


Practice will be open anytime the shop is open. Cost is $15 per day. You must sign in before running on the track. 1/10 on-road cars only. Nitro can run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will have the LiveRC timing running when someone is practicing when possible.

ROAR Racing
Tamiya TCS Racing