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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!

Woodland Scenics | Model Train Scenery

You have spent a lot of time and effort putting together your model train set and now you want to compliment them with the perfect scenery. At White Rose Hobbies, we are proud to sell realistic model train scenery made by the acclaimed Woodland Scenics. These expertly crafted miniatures will be sure to perfectly set the scene for your model trains and other model projects.

Miniature Scenery

Woodland Scenics makes everything you need to establish your own perfect tiny town, and White Rose Hobbies sells these supplies at a discounted price! From plant life and natural resources to buildings and vehicles, we have everything you need to make your model realistic. In fact, we even supply Woodland Scenics’ miniature people and streetlamps so you can really bring life to your model town!

Whether you are looking for a predesigned building model or parts to assemble your own, you’ll find it right here in our selection. We even have the hardware from Woodland Scenics that you will need to assemble all of your model features.

At White Rose Hobbies, we are enthusiastic hobbyists ourselves. Browse our selection of model train scenery below and start adding scenic models to your cart!