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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
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WRH 1000 HO Scale AEI Tag Reader / Scanner and 80 AEI tags

White Rose Hobbies HO Scale (1:87) AEI Tag Reader / Scanner and AEI tags for freight cars and locomotives.

This item includes a pair of our AEI Scanners as well as 80 AEI Tags to use on your rollingstock and locomotives. To install the tags break or cut them of the sprue and apply a very small amount of CA to attach them to your model. Be careful not to slide them so the glue is not seen on the model. On some models you make choose to make a bracket or mounting plate using styrene or other plastic to mount the tag on.

We have produced a HO Scale (1:87) version of the pole mounted AEI tag reader / scanner. This will enabled the modeler to closely replicate how railroads keep track of all equipment both locomotives as well as rolling stock. The AEI Tag Reader / Scanners are sold in pairs.

Our first run was made using a 3D printed mold, we have now developing a steel mold in order to keep production running smoothly. Our 2nd release is even more prototypical using correct measurements from the real thing.

AEI tags began to be implemented in the early 1990’s to replace the failed ACI tags of the 1970’s. The tags use a radio frequency and are scanned at various points along the railroad, typically when a train enters or leaves a classification yard. The tags are programmed with the cars reporting mark (ie SHPX 458099) as well as which side of the car they are on. This allows the scanner to record the orientation of the car (ie A end or B end passed through first).

For painting ideas see the prototype photos (Click Here for Hi-Rez):


  • Unpainted
    Injection molded from Polystyrene plastic

  • Scaled from prototype measurements