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Walthers 933-3095 HO Scale Railway Express Agency REA Transfer Building Kit

Measures: 13-1/8 x 6-1/8 x 6-3/8" 32.8 x 15.5 x 15.9cm

Back in the day the Railway Express Agency (REA) was how America shipped packages. The Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale REA Transfer Building is based on a typical rail-to-truck transfer facility.

For many Americans, first came the big decision of what to buy from the mail-order catalog. Then there was the trip down to the depot to drop your letter into the slot on the side of the Railway Post Office. A few weeks later, you'd get a message that your package had arrived via Railway Express at the depot, or if you lived in a bigger city, it would come right to your door in a big green truck. From tiny hamlets to bustling cities, nothing would brighten your day faster than to receive a package from the REA.

High priority packages were moved in baggage cars on most major trains, and REA also operated its own fleets of specialized cars. Handling and processing millions of items each day required extensive facilities. To speed priority shipments, REA built its own transfer buildings alongside the coach yards of most major terminals to permit faster movement of packages between road and rail. Baggage-Express cars from the railroads and REA's own cars were spotted here for loading and unloading. The other side of the building provided loading-unloading docks for the REA fleet of green delivery trucks, as well as those from larger customers without direct rail service and private trucking companies.

Adding the excitement of these important facilities to your railroad is easy with this kit. Designed as a modular building, additional kits (each sold separately) can be combined to build a larger or customized building for your layout. Its brick construction and large windows fit any era from the 1900s to the present, and decals for various eras are included for the finishing touch. It's a perfect destination for the express reefers, baggage cars and REA trucks. The REA Transfer Building will look great down the tracks from the Union Station 933-3094, sold separately and other large passenger stations. Use the Railway Express Agency (REA) Transfer Building with other Cornerstone HO Scale railroad buildings.


  • Perfect for steam and classic diesel scenes
  • Detailed brickwork
  • Truck and baggage car concrete loading docks
  • Dock canopies
  • Decal signs
  • Molded in appropriate colors and clear plastic