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Tangent Scale Models 24060 PS 4000 Coal Hopper Chicago & NorthWestern Phase 2 C&NW

C&NW Ph 2 “Black Delivery 1975+” PS4000 is another all black Pullman-Standard applied paint scheme. CNW’s paint and lettering specification was for the classic “ball and bar” scheme with white painted ends to designate the rotary end of the car. Interestingly, this specific series of CNW cars did not have the distinctive trapezoids on the car sides but instead had flat panels, which forced us to tool a different body shell for this CNW order. These cars were similar to the BN cars because they had the “short B end, long A end” body configuration with offset truck bolster spacing, although they had ladders on the left side of the car instead of grab irons. CNW ordered two groups of these Pullman 4000 cubic foot cars of equal numbers. This Tangent release focuses on the second group, equipped for rotary dumping. Don’t miss out on these classic cars from November 1975! We offer this scheme in 24 road numbers so you can model a unit train!


  • “Long A/Short B” Phase 1 carbody where the A End final side panel is slightly longer that the B End final side panel
  • No end posts, per C&NW design
  • No vertical side panel creases, per C&NW design
  • Left side ladders
  • A-End trainline rubber airhose on “wrong” side of draft gear per prototype practice for rotary dumping
  • Low handbrake details
  • “Western Style” Flood coal load
  • Rotating “Timken” Roller Bearing Caps on Tangent’s New 100T Barber S-2 Trucks
  • Genuine Kadee® “scale-head” couplers