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Spaz Stix 5800 Color Changing Paint Holographic 3.5oz Spray

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Spaz Stix 5800 Color Changing Paint Holographic

3.5 oz Spray

Not sure what color to paint your vehicle? Spaz Stix Color Changing paint is the perfect solution. Our paint offers a "chameleon effect" which brings out a new color at every angle. When used in natural sunlight the colors are shifted even more than normal!


  • Use Spaz Stix Surface Pre Prep (SZX90050 or SZX90059) before painting to keep paint jobs- swirl and fingerprint free.
  • Spaz Stix Change Color paint's will appear lightly colored at first and build in intensity with additional coats.
  • To optimize Color Change effects for interior plastic applications apply 2-3 light coats of Spaz Stix Black/Backer (SZX00110 or SZX00119) behind the Color Change paint.
  • For exterior applications, apply Spaz Stix Black/Backer first, and then spray Color Change paint over it. Then seal and protect with Spaz Stix #SZX90109 Clear Coat.
  • Pre-thinned. Just pour it into your airbrush and spray.