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Soundtraxx 851001 MC1Z102P6 [6 Pin NEM DCC Decoder]

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Soundtraxx 851001 MC1Z102P6 DCC Mobile Decoder
6 Pin NEM (DCC only, will not operate on DC)

Z/N-scale, 2-function decoder that measures 13mm x 9mm x 3mm and is available with a 6-pin NEM651 connector popular in many European models.

Equip your fleet with DCC without breaking the bank! SoundTraxx DCC Mobile Decoders provide high-performance operation and 14 Hyperlight lighting effects in a variety of easy-to-use formats for models that do not exceed a 1 amp stall current. Since they utilize our Hyperdrive technology, these mobile decoders are easy to speed-match with Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders.

In addition to offering a selection of 14 Hyperlight lighting effects, options include a choice of directional or Rule 17 lighting control, grade-crossing timers, adjustable flash rate, and an LED brightness correction control mode.

The SoundTraxx Hyperdrive Motion Control System, which is found in all Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders, incorporates advanced motor control features such as high-resolution speed steps and high-frequency PWM drive (pulse-width-modulation) to help eliminate motor ‘hum.' Hyperdrive also includes such features as programmable speed curves and adjustable momentum.

All formats are compatible with NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices, and are manufactured in Durango, Colorado, USA!

Soundtraxx DCC Decoder Manuals