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NCE 5240044 Cab06pr Radio Equipped Engineer Cab w/ Pontentiometer & LED Display Wireless Throttle

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NCE 5240044 Cab06pr Radio Equipped Engineer Cab
Pontentiometer & LED Display
Add on throttle for NCE Power Pro and PowerCab DCC Systems
Wireless Handheld Throttle

The NCE Cab06p is an engineer cab with LED display, and uses a more conventional potentiometer knob for speed control. Definite stop and starting points. It has a clear, easy-to-read display, and you may select up to 6 loco recalls, F0-F28, select accessory, and select macro. Can be added to PowerPro and PowerCab DCC Systems.


  • You must have an RB02 Radio Base w/ Antenna for this throttle to work in wireless mode. It will work tethered with any NCE system.
  • The speed setting of the knob is instantly applied to any locomotive selected.

Click here for the manual from NCE Information Station