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by Kadee

Kadee HO Scale #11, Bulk Pack Kadee #5 Couplers

20 pair

This industry leading coupler features an all metal standard coupler, and #634 standard centering spring. The NO.5® Magne-Matic® Metal Coupler may be mounted with the #213, #232, #234, #242 Gearboxes (not included) or with other manufacturers cast-on coupler pockets.

The 148 Whisker® Coupler is equivalent to the NO.5® Metal Coupler.

It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gearbox to avoid possible electrical crossover and shorting that may cause damage. Use the provided insulated gearbox or insulated #28 coupler.

Refer to our helpful Coupler Conversion Charts to determine the appropriate coupler to use on your model.


Package Includes:

  • (20) Pair NO.5® Metal Couplers - Medium Centerset Shank
  • (20) Pair #634 Centering Spring NO.5® Style
  • Extra #622 Knuckle Springs

NO.5® Metal Coupler Features:

  • Material - Metal
  • Shank Length - Medium (9/32") (center hole to back of coupler head)
  • Coupler Offset - Centerset
  • Knuckle Spring - #622
  • Centering System - Standard Shank
  • Centering Spring - #634 Centering Spring NO.5® Style
  • Head - Standard Head
  • Works In Place of - #58, #28, #118, #119, #148, #158, & most medium centerset "clone" couplers.
  • Works With - #213, #232, #234, #242 draft gear boxes, & most manufacturer cast-on coupler pockets* (molded-on gearbox).

*Note: Some manufacturers now produce models with non-industry standard coupler pockets (molded-on gearbox). These shallower coupler pockets may require slight modification to the gearbox or coupler to function properly. If the model has a shallow molded-on gearbox, a #148 Whisker® coupler should be used unsteady of a NO.5® coupler. The top of the #148 Whisker® coupler shank may be filed thinner to fit the shallower cast-on coupler pockets.

Mounting Specifications:

  • Mounting Height - 29/64"
  • Centerline - 25/64"
  • Trip Pin Height - 1/32"
  • Center Hole - 2-56 Insulated Screws are the most commonly used. (Screw length will vary)
  • Side Holes - 0-48 Self-Tapping or 0-80 Machine Screws. (Screw length will vary)

NOTE: Does not include Draft Gear Boxes or Lids.