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J-Body Stock Mudboss Clear Body with S-500 Hood Scoop

by J-Body
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J-Body Stock Mudboss Clear Body

Every J-Body RC body is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our unique 3 piece design provides an authentic look and maximizes durability every racer deserves. All body components are manufactured with the accuracy of CNC and machined from rugged 0.030” polycarbonate. Our radiused internal corners and body bound holes maximize body life by limiting potential tear points. Each body is shipped with the shell / deck assembled and hood removed for shipping purposes. Each body comes with your choice of a mounted hood scoop to add a personalized style.


  • 0.030” Clear Polycarbonate
  • 3 piece design
  • Body bound holes to maintain alignment
  • Radiused corners to eliminate tear points
  • Packaged assembled
  • Comes with choice of hood scoop
  • Note: May not be legal for Salvas sponsored events; Check with your local track.
  • Note: Clear Body Only - Wrapped Body and Body on Car is for visual purpose only.