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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
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Digitrax UR92 Duplex Radio (Wireless) Transceiver / IR Receiver Panel

Operate the trains on your model railroad with out wires!

The UR92 is a combo Duplex Radio Transceiver and Infrared Receiver Panel. Using a UR92 means there is no need to plug in to select your loco when you are using a Digitrax Duplex equipped "D" throttle.

The IR receiver on the UR92 also allows you to go wireless with your other Digitrax throttles that are factory equipped with infrared emitters.


  • Plug 'N Play with any LocoNet system
  • No need to plug in your Duplex equipped throttles, select, dispatch, and program wirelessly
  • Duplex Radio operates in the 2.4 Ghz band
  • Supports Duplex Radio and Infrared operation simultaneously
  • Range Is Approximately A 300 ft Diameter Circle
  • Only One UR92 Is Needed To Run Duplex On Most Layouts
  • Supports Up To 20 Digitrax Duplex Throttles At The Same Time
  • Group Name Feature Allows Multiple Clubs To Run Independently In Close Proximity At Train Shows and Exhibitions
  • Includes PS14 Power Supply
  • Operates In The 2.4 GHz Band
  • One RJ12 6 pin Throttle jacks in the front of the panel for hooking up throttles and other LocoNet devices that do not use RailSync.
  • Two RJ12 6 pin LocoNet jacks in the back of the panel for hooking up LocoNet devices that use RailSync.
  • Gives your layout a professionally finished look.
  • Indicator LED that shows the power state of a local track section.
  • Two #6-32 right angle screw terminals for local track connections for power and diagnostics.
  • Includes PS14 power supply