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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
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Have Questions? Check out the product manual : PSX DCC Circuit Breakers

DCC Specialties Powershield X PSX Circuit Breaker Series

Why Divide my Layout? (Courtesy of Kalmbach Publications)

Though DCC offers a more realistic type of train control – being able to run multiple locomotives independently on the same track – the electricity running through the rails of your layout still needs to be properly managed and distributed. Since one of the big selling points of DCC is that you don’t need to divide your layout into individual electrical blocks for independent train control, you’re probably asking yourself, “why should I do it?” In addition to minimizing operating disruptions, power districts are also a key to DCC power regulation. If you’re running a lot of trains, you’ll need to make sure your DCC system can supply all your power needs efficiently and safely. Adding power districts to your layout can help with that. By separating your layout into districts, you divide the total track power available into smaller, more manageable units.

Available Applications:
PSX-1 : 1 Block or Power District

PSX-2 : 2 Blocks or Power Districts

PSX-3 : 3 Blocks or Power Districts

PSX-4 : 4 Blocks or Power Districts

The PSX Series of circuit breakers for Digital Command Control are the best available on the market today. For all the specs, information on how to break up your layout into districts and installation instructions please read the manual available here: PSX DCC Circuit Breakers