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CRC 3215 Carpet Knife CK25 Twenty5 1/12 Pan Car Road Race Kit

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CRC 3215 Carpet Knife CK25 Twenty5 1/12 Pan Car Road Race Kit

Calandra Racing Concepts introduces the Carpet Knife™ Twenty5. The 2018 version of their World Championship winning line of 1/12th scale road racing cars. Calandra is excited to mark their 25th year in the R/C model car racing industry. Yes, 25 years of making products, meeting people, enjoying this great hobby and of course, racing. They have met many racers and have won countless Regional, National and World Championships in all these years.

This new release, the Carpet Knife Twenty5 or “CK25”, marks a great milestone within the organization, 25 years. Their first car released was the original Carpet Knife and now with 25 years of company history, they bring you the CK25.

Building on the World Championship winning heritage of the CRC Xti-WC, the CK25 takes all the race winning features and adds changes and improvements to adapt to current racing conditions. The CK25 now features CRC's LCG (low center of gravity) Slider Rear Pod; the only rear axle housing that allows you to make infinite ride height adjustment WITHOUT molded plastic inserts or pucks. No fiddling with inserts. No 1mm "steps" to deal with, pure infinite adjustment. You want to add .3mm of ride height, you can do it with the slider pod. With inserts you are limited to .5mm or 1mm steps. This LCG slider pod allows very small tires and lowers the center of gravity almost 20% over our earlier pod. You want to make ride height on bare rims? You can with the CK25, this car makes the 3mm ride height minimum with bare rims on the car.

The CK25 features some changes to the front end to respond to the changes in modern racing, small tweaks to better handle extreme high-grip and also low-grip, bumpy conditions. The front body mounts have been moved to a raised bumper/body mount plate. The bumper/body mount plate protects the chassis. Because it sits on the chassis, it allows for more chassis movement without touching the ground. The chassis has been substantially shortened to limit the front overhang past the tires and reduce the chances of the chassis touching the racing surface during high speed racing.

Hang that servo or mount it up front with the CK25!

The CK25 also features an easy and convenient way to mount the servo. This hanging servo mount is suspended symmetrically from standoffs on each side of the chassis. With the symmetrical mounting on 2 screws, no chassis tweak is induced on a major impact. This system makes servo mounting and maintenance a breeze by having front-to-back and side-to-side adjustment slots.

Performance from every corner

Even the left rear clamping hub has received attention. Our new double clamping hub is perfectly balanced and the 2 symmetrical clamp screws provide more secure mounting than the single clamp screw used by every other manufacture of 1/12th cars.

Aluminum chassis craze phase

The latest passing phase in pan car racing is the aluminum chassis. After testing in the real world, aluminum works OK, but the reality is that it bends and stays bent. The chassis of a 1/12th racer needs to be flat. In an ideal world, where drivers make zero mistakes, aluminum may have a place as a tuning tool. However, in the real world of crashing, taps on the wall and tangles with other drivers, aluminum bends and stays tweaked. One crash, throw it away and pay the big bucks for another. How many full scale race cars have aluminum chassis? Not many. Carbon fiber is stiff, strong and returns to flat after a crash, the choice of full scale Formula 1 cars.

At the 2016 IIC in Las Vegas, the aluminum chassis epidemic hit a peak with everyone thinking they needed it to be fast. At this race, not including CRC, all the top race teams were running aluminum chassis that they made or an aftermarket chassis that was made for them. The race was on CRC Black Carpet, had hundreds of entries and high grip. CRC's Andrew Knapp won all 3 classes of 1/12th scale with stock carbon fiber on his prototype CK25. No aluminum, no super carbon, just standard kit material from CRC. It you want to spend a lot of money and throw away a lot of chassis, buy aluminum. If you want to win, with less maintenance and more fun, stick with carbon fiber.

Speaking of carbon fiber, CRC's "stock" or standard carbon fiber is of higher strength than most "standard" carbon fiber panels used in radio control. By using higher grade carbon fiber strands, CRC's standard material is a full 32% stronger than other standard grades.

Optional Z-Flex Carbon

When an even stiffer, more rigid chassis is desired, CRC has our optional new Zero-Flex Carbon fiber. Z-Flex is incredibly stiff, strong and rigid. It is made from super strong carbon fiber strands, a full 250% stronger and stiffer than the standard grade materials offered. The benefits of the new Z-Flex material is an incredibly rigid and stiff chassis that will not shatter or break on impact AND a chassis material that will return to flat and true after impact. Z-Flex is a proprietary material to CRC, different from any other stiff carbon in the market place.