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COW RC Moo-Kleen Parts & Chassis Wash

8oz Pre-Mix


Whether you are a hardcore racer, casual crawler, or dedicated land, sea, or air hobbyist you can’t help but get those RC’s dirty after a weekend of action. After the fun is done and it’s time to properly clean and maintain your investment, reach for the Moo-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash!

CowRC Moo-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash is Unique to our hobby, a Non Corrosive PH balanced formula that Removes dirt and contaminants without the use of water. Part and Chassis Wash will not remove necessary lubricants or pull those integral oils and treatments out of those costly tires. Moo-Kleen provides a mean green efficient cleaning solution without the harsh chemicals of a corrosive cleaner or degreaser that overtime can weaken the plastics, tarnish metal, strip anodizing finishes, or destroy rubber seals.


  • 8oz Heavy Duty Pre Mix Ready to use!
  • 100% RC plastic, polymer, rubber, and anodizing safe design which will not degrade your lubricants.
  • Will not age or dry RC plastics
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Non-corrosive
  • Not Electronics safe
  • UV Warning: UV will alter the physical color of the product but has no effect in the product effectiveness
  • And always be sure to shake well before each use