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Class One Model Works FC00319 HO Scale Thrall 86' 4 Door Boxcar Penn Central PC 295325

Between 1963 (when Thrall constructed the first two prototype cars) through 1978 (when Greenville supplied the last 86-foot, 6-inch hi-cube auto parts cars), the fleet of these freight cars swelled to 11,073. Of the commercial car builders, Thrall Car Manufacturing assembled 3,544 cars, placing them in the middle of the pack (production number-wise) between Greenville and Pullman-Standard. Thrall supplied cars from 1964 through 1973.

Thrall fabricated only part of the car in-house — the underframe assembly. Outsourced items included the roof and end sheets (to Stanray), doors (to Youngstown), and specialties such as brake gear, internal loader devices, etc. In a somewhat unusual move (for a large manufacturer), Thrall also chose to have the sides assembled by outside builders (due to the lack of floor space at their plant). Both International Steel Company (ISC) and Youngstown Steel Door (YSD) supplied the sides, and therein lies the key to the various Thrall designs, which are easily identified in any clear photo.

The major differences in the Thrall built cars were their side designs. In June 2006, Stephen Mayberry researched these cars and posted his findings to the Modern Freight Cars List, wherein he segregated cars by side design. Across the production run, Thrall produced five 4-door side designs and two for the 8-door cars.


  • Correct Stanray roof with overspray (where required) and detailed door tracks
  • ISC dual weld lines - wider at bolster
  • Detailed brake wheel and separately applied metal grab irons
  • End of Car Cushioning (EOCC) draft gear, etched metal crossover walkway and brass brake chain
  • Indented panels along side each door
  • Correct excess height car identification with car number
  • Crisp graphics and lettering
  • Correct Youngstown Doors with separately applied latching detail and correct door tracks
  • Metal stirrups, rubber air hoses, detailed brake lines, etched brass cut levers, and ClassOne Classic metal couplers

NOTE: Road number may vary from picture shown.