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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
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City Classics 108 HO Scale 1930's Crafton Ave Service Station Kit

What could be more of a classic American building than a gas station? Starting in the late 1930s, these gleaming white porcelain paneled boxes were visible on every corner from coast-to-coast! Almost every major oil company adopted a variation of this design in the years that followed. Now you can add this stylish station to your layout with our Crafton Avenue kit!

Our kit includes the station, gas island with lamppost and your choice of two pump styles, two different sign posts and sign heads (round and oval), soda and ice machines, tire displays and oil can racks. Also included is a variety of printed color paper signs and easy-to-follow instructions. Please note, the kit includes a base for the station and gas island, but not the entire service station lot.

Many of these stations can be found still standing today serving a variety of uses. That means even modern modelers can use them for used car lots, radiator repair shops, garages, donut shops, etc.

For modelers desiring the ultimate finishing touch, Microscale Decals has released a number of gas station decal sets designed specifically to fit on our model! See your hobby dealer or the Microscale Decal catalog for the latest information on their gas station decals.

Microscale offers several sets of HO Scale Gasoline Station Decals. To see a list of the many HO scale gas station decal sets available for use on our kit ckeck out Micro Scale Decals and search for GAS STATION decals under RAILROAD DECALS. HO scale decals will have the Microscale part numbers that have a prefix of 87-.

The kits shown are decorated using Microscale Gulf and Sinclair decals.