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Cir-Kit Concepts 101 Dollhouse Starter Wiring Kit

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Cir-Kit Concepts 101 Dollhouse Starter Wiring Kit

The CK101 is the leading electrification kit in the industry today and contains everything needed to completely wire a 6-room dollhouse. The "wiring" consists of an easy to apply 2-conductor tapewire with copper foils imbedded between layers of transparent tape. The detailed and illustrated instructions in each kit describe all the tasks necessary for completing an electrical installation.

A circuit-breaker protected 10-watt transformer is included to provide power for up to 16 12-volt or 23 16-volt GOW bulbs.


  • 1 CK1001 15' Roll Conductive Tapewire
  • 1 CK1007 Junction Splice
  • 1 CK1008-1 Transformer Lead-In Wire (w/switch)
  • 1 CK1009A 12V, 10W Plug-In Transformer (w/built-in circuit breaker)
  • 1 CK1014-1 Pilot Hole Punch (w/needles)
  • 1 CK1015 Instruction Book
  • 1 CK1021-1 1/8" Brass Brads (approx. 60)
  • 1 CK1023-4 Small Hollow Eyelets (approx. 60)
  • 1 CK1025-4 No. 55 Bit
  • 1 CK204 Test Probe