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Awesomatix A12 1/12 Electric Pan Car Kit


Awesomatix A12 1/12 Electric Pan Car Kit

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This innovate platform has done the world tour in 2020 winning 13.5 1/12th at Snowbird Nationals and being featured in many A-finals throughout the World. Everyone has talked about the car -- and now as of October 8th 2020 is available for everyone to purchase

Awesomatix A12 1/12th Scale Electronic On-Road Car

Awesomatix, known for their advanced and revolutionary design of 10 th scale RC electric touring cars, is excited to enter a new class, 12 th scale RC electric on-road, with the A12 pan car.

A low center of gravity is a critical element in racing performance for any class, and this is further exemplified by the A12 pan car on an entirely new level. Much like the Awesomatix A800MMX touring car, the A12 far surpasses all existing 12 th scales by providing a much lower center of gravity.

A 12th Scale the Awesomatix Way

The Awesomatix A12 features a completely new design compared to any previous 12th scale car on the market. The A12 does not have a standard lower deck / chassis and lower pod plate, but rather is composed of two parts that work in tandem and are connected with ball joints. The outer frame of these two suspension components contributes to the spring action of the car as it functions like a large spring. The inner frame contains the front end, servo, receiver, esc and battery. A hydraulic damper is built between these two parts of the frame, providing easily adjustable dampening and rear axle movement. The end result is a suspension and pivot movement that is similar to conventional 12th scale cars but has proven to be far more durable and tweak free.

Additionally, the alloy side braces on the outer spring frame offer several possibilities to play with rate of the “rear suspension” by simply moving and adjusting a set screw. The stiffness of the chassis can be adjusted very quickly for a variety of track conditions.

The A12 follows the Awesomatix tradition of innovation by using specially designed hydraulic rotary dampeners instead of traditional oil piston shocks. The A12 rear rotary damper unit is very compact in size and mounted at the lowest possible point on the chassis. Inside of the damper case are two rotary damper “vanes” that work independently to ensure smooth and efficient dampening, which can be adjusted by different viscosity silicon oil. This carefully designed damper provides the required ratio between both the longitudinal and side dampening needed to excel on any track condition. This rear damper is easily removable, too, as just two screws allow for the “quick release” of the entire unit.

Special Features of the A12 Pan Car Kit

  • 7075-T6 2mm Aluminum Outer Spring Frame
  • 7075-T6 2mm Aluminum Inner Frame
  • Lowest center of gravity design
  • No tweak pod” concept
  • Rotary damper unit in rear
  • Next Level Front End design
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum Front Hubs
  • Quick and easy adjustability of setup change
  • Rigid Frame design
  • Carbon Front Suspension plate
  • Ultra Lightweight Spool Axle
  • Stiff and properly shaped Foam Bumper


  • Radio, Receiver, Transmitter, ESC, Servo, Servo saver, Motor, Fan, Pinion, Spur Gear, Lipo, Body shell and Tires are not included in the kit. They are only used for the presentation of the fully equipped car.
  • Due to our policy of continuous product development, the exact specifications of the kit may vary.
  • Awesomatix does reserve all rights to change any specifications without prior notice. All rights reserved.