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Arrowhead Models AHP-1025 HO Scale 33" The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset 24 Pack


Arrowhead Models AHP-1025 HO Scale 33" The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset

24 Pack

We have done it. We have built a better wheel.

With The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset, Arrowhead Models brings to market unmatched part fidelity and performance enhancements.

The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset is precision-machined state-of-the-art CNC Swiss lathes. The wheels have meticulously crafted anterior and posterior faces and offsets. The axle is prototypically dished. The wheelsets are electrically insulated and meet NMRA standards for Code 88 tread profiles and gauge.

Both wheels and axles are cut from high grade nickel silver stock. They are milled by professionals who deal in high tolerance, speciality projects. Nickel silver is a hard alloy with a naturally polished finish--which makes it the only option on the market for replicating the shiny treads of in-service cars. It is our preferred material for wheelsets because it and its oxides are electrically conductive, the material is nonmagnetic, and it has a high resistance to corrosion. And, believe it or not, its natural color is remarkable accurate match to the finished surfaces of new wheelsets among the prototype. (Although, they don’t stay that color for long, and we don’t expect yours to either.)

Every wheelset is subject to tests that ensure the wheels and axles are tight, true and in gauge.

Finally, Arrowhead’s wheelset are individually cradled in clam-shell packaging. In this way, axle tips remain sharp and the precision edges that we have worked hard to create don’t mar--as they do in other types of bulk packaging.

The design, assembly and packaging quality of Arrowhead’s Definitive HO Scale Wheelsets goes beyond anything the industry has seen previously.

  • 24 pack
  • 36" Wheelsets
  • Nickel silver material
  • Insulated
  • Code 88 (semi-scale) tread profile
  • Meets NMRA standards