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HOn3 Narrow Gauge Track and Accessories

HOn3 Narrow Gauge Track and Accessories

What is HOn3 Scale?

HOn3 Gauge is physically HO Gauge (1:87th size relative to real), but the trains are modeled on narrow gauge train lines (the rails are closer together). This means that although HO and HOn3 cars and locomotives are the same size, the trucks (wheels) and rails (tracks) are different between the gauges so they will not run on each other’s model railroad tracks.

The n in the HOn3 name stands for Narrow Gauge. Normal standard gauge in the United States, Canada and Mexico is 4 foot 8.5 inches between the rails. Any railroad with rails closer together is referred to as Narrow Gauge.

The 3 in the HOn3 means instead of 4 foot 8.5 inches between the rails, there is only 3 scale feet between the rails. Popular in mining and lumber railroads, the Rio Grand Southern, the Denver South Park and Pacific, the Boulder Northwestern and parts of the Colorado Southern were all 3 foot narrow gauge lines.

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