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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
Unmatched Quality & Performance; All In One Package

Unmatched Quality & Performance; All In One Package

Oxidean Marine is a RC boat company with top of the line products. Their innovative designs, and transparency deliver an experience like no other RC Boat. With temperatures dropping, this is a great time to have a cool time out on the water, gear up for next year, or tuck away an amazing Christmas Gift. Self righting and fast speeds make these products easier to run while pushing to the limit!

Recently in stock, our feature boat the Mini-Dom Self Righting Boat


Oxidean Marine Mini-Dom Fiberglass Self Righting Mono RTR RC Boat - Yellow


It's Finally here! The Oxidean Marine Mini-Dom RTR! This fun 17 inch Fiberglass rc boat is Loads of fun, and best of all, Self righting! that's right! If you happen to capsize the boat, a unique chamber floods with water, sets her right side up again, and Away you go!

This boat has a Built-in number flag mount. People can customize and race these boats for Loads of fun! It uses a 2200mah 11.1 3s lipo battery (not included) and a 2-channel radio with receiver (not included). Some assembly required, tools provided!


  • Recommended age: 14 and up
  • Length: 450mm (Not including parts, Only Hull)
  • Width: 135mm
  • Height: 70mm
  • Motor: Brushless VZ1515
  • ESC: OX40
  • Servo: Micro Metal Gear
  • 2200mah 3S LiPo battery required
  • Comes With Radio

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