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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
The Magic of Marklin

The Magic of Marklin

Shop Marklin Model Trains and Accessories
Marklin was founded by Friedrich Wilhelm Marklin in 1859 in Goppingen, Germany. Marklin is a manufacturer of model trains and digital multi-train control systems.

People who have been allowed to experience the magic of a Marklin model railroad keep this experience in their memory. They may want to come back to this experience later. Because of the charm and prototypical, true-to-life character that Marklin models have, they fascinate both young and old. 

The standard for Marklin products is reproduction that is as close to the prototype as possible - in technical terms as well as in the impression and feel of their models. They use raw materials as close to the prototype as possible, different types of metal, alloys, sheet metal, aluminum, high quality plastics, and even wood. Enthusiastic collectors all over the world are proof of the quality and enduring value of their high quality products.

White Rose Hobbies stocks European model trains including Marklin a time old, trusted brand of model trains. All of our Marklin train sets will include USA Spec power plugs.

Shop Märklin Start Up geared towards children who are ready to move into the more technical side of model railroading while still offering great themes and play value.

Shop Märklin HO Scale the most popular scale with the broadest product line.

Marklin HO or H0 Scale is 1:87 the same as US Spec HO Scale however there are some differences. Marklin HO Scale uses a 3 Rail Track system where similar to 3 Rail O Gauge, but does not have a solid center rail: instead uses raised bumps for the power pickup, while the outer rails are the ground. Because of this they are not interchangeable without modification. So why does White Rose Hobbies carry European Model Trains? The answer is that they are some of the highest quality model trains in the world and many US modelers share a passion for them. 

Shop Märklin Gauge Z which allows you to created an entire world in the smallest of spaces.

The charm of these finely constructed gems is best seen in the smallest of space. Because, this scale with all kinds of precision translated into 1:220 scale awaits you with almost unlimited operating enjoyment. "Zed" Gauge has a large international following and it's community members consider themselves among the coolest of all model railroaders.

These train sets have the capability to add on to, from more cars to more track. Shop European train now just in time for your holiday decorations!

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