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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
2022 National Train Show

2022 National Train Show Announcements!

2022 National Train Show Announcements

There have been numerous announcements at this years National Train Show being held in Collinsville, Illinois this weekend. We have been working hard to keep up and have them all listed on for Pre-Order.


Atlas Master HO Scale CNCF 5000 Boxcar

  • HO Scale CNCF 5000 Box Car
    • Atlas Master® Plus HO Scale CNCF 5000 Box Car! These 5000 cubic foot boxcars still roam the rails of U.S., Canada, and Mexico to this day. The CNCF 5000 has many unique spotting features from the triangular supports above the door post, to the wrapped end sheets and the sharp notches in the sill near the stirrups. This iconic boxcar is a must have for any model railroader focused between the late 1970s and present day. Pre-Orders will be listed ASAP.

Atlas HO Scale Portec 3000 Covered Hopper

  • HO Scale Portec 3000 Covered Hopper
  • Built between 1979 and 1984, the Portec 3000 Hopper was designed to haul heavy bulk commodities such as sand, cement, salt and grain. Boston & Maine was one of the first railroads to purchase these in quantity. The Portec 3000 proved to be a very reliable design, many are still in service today.
  • Features of this all-new HO Master model:
    • All new tooling
    • Ready to run
    • Injection molded plastic
    • Fine scale detail with many separately applied parts
    • Two Body and Roof variations to accurately match the prototype
    • Two Roofwalk Variations
    • Two styles of vibrator brackets
    • Highly detailed end cages and brake gear
    • 100 Ton Trucks
    • Metal Couplers
    • Etched metal roofwalks
    • Crisp painting and printing
  • O Scale Multimax

ScaleTrains / Fox Valley Models

ScaleTrains HO Scale GE AC4400CW

The all-new Rivet Counter HO Scale diesel locomotive is the much hoped for General Electric (GE) AC4400CW. This run includes six (6) roadnames with multiple paint schemes for modern modelers. ScaleTrains is offering versions from all three (3) North American countries. Add it to a consist with some Rivet Counter ET44s, ES44s, or DASH 9s for the ultimate modern motive power lash-up. Preorders are due by Monday, September 12th so secure your favorite roadnames and paint schemes for delivery early next summer. Preorder here: 

ScaleTrains Kit Classics 70-Ton Open Hopper

The first steam era freight car from ScaleTrains: the Kit Classics™ HO Scale 40' 70-Ton 4-Bay Open Hopper. This is the first ST freight car offering from the MTH HO & S tooling acquisition. Preorders for the new Kit Classics freight car are due by Monday, September 12th for delivery this winter. Secure your favorite roadnames and paint schemes by preordering here:

ScaleTrains F68AH TTX Bulkhead Flatcars

They're bringing back the bulkheads! You read that right. For the first time in three years, they’re offering new roadnames and paint schemes for the Rivet Counter HO Scale BSC F68AH Flatcar. This highly-anticipated announcement includes classic and contemporary versions covering the late 60's to modern day. Preorder here:

Fox Valley Models N Scale EMD SD70ACe

The next Fox Valley Models™ diesel locomotive: the venerable EMD SD70ACe. For the first time, the SD70ACe will be available with DCC & sound. In addition, detail parts including wire grab irons, 3-hose MU clusters, uncoupling levers, windshield wipers, sunshades, brake wheel, etc. are factory-applied. Preorder now:

Rapido Trains

Rapido Trains has announced a new run of the HO Scale MIL/MSC 3800 Cylindrical Hopper as well as a first run in N Scale of the ACF Flexi Flo PD3500 covered hopper car. To Pre-Order these items check out the Rapido Trains Store at White Rose Hobbies!

Rapido N Scale PD3500 ACF Flexi Flow Covered Hoppers

Rapido Trains MIL / MSC 3800 Cylindrical Covered Hoppers

Bachmann Trains

Bachmann has made a video showing their mid year announcements from the show. We have added many of these items to our Bachmann Trains Store and are ready for Pre-Order now (Note some pricing and delivery info is TBA)! Some of the Notable announcements are the new HO Scale Spectrum Amtrak Acela II Trainset with add-on cars, the Siemens Venture Passenger Cars, 2 New paint schemes for the ACS-64 Sprinter Locomotive with TCS WOWSound, and a EMD BL2 Diesel with DCC. In N Scale they have added the Siemens ALC-42 Charger with DCC and WOWSound to their ever growing Amtrak lineup.

Bachmann Spectrum 01206 HO Scale Amtrak Acela II StarterTrain Set

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