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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
More Bang For Your Buck

More Bang For Your Buck

One of the core values of our shop is customer service! We want our customers to find the perfect purchase, we want our customers to come back time and time again, and we want our customers to HAVE FUN!!! A huge part of this is selling quality merchandise and helping our customers when they may have a faulty piece of equipment. In most circumstances this requires our customers to reach out to manufacturers to access any type of warranty on their purchase. We recommend our customers reading through their product manuals, not just tossing aside all the boring paperwork in their new purchase! The paperwork included more often than not has warranty information and in some cases ways to register your product for smoother customer service support. A quick visit to any manufacture website will often spell out any warranty programs they offer. In some scenarios your product may be out of warranty, but could qualify for another type of support. One such program is the Traxxas Power Up Program.

Whether you're looking to trade up or replace a broken item, the power up program is a great resource to get more bang for your buck. More details about the power up program can be found here:

How can we best help at the shop? By entering our customers into the system as a contact or even better as a Pro Hobbyist Rewards member. This allows us to access your purchase records. Why is that important? It can become a helpful tool when servicing warranties if you have misplaced your receipt for proof of purchase. Even better?! We can process some support programs within our store such as the Traxxas Power Up Program. 

Ask any of our staff for warranty questions, places to find support, and any services you may qualify for!

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