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Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad

Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad

Modeling the Standard Railroad of the World, the Pennsylvania Railroad. Most fans simplify the title down to the Pennsy or PRR, but whatever you call it it is one of the most modeled railroads of all time. Located in Central Pennsylvania White Rose Hobbies is deep within Pennsy territory for sure. We have a large inventory of PRR books, HO Scale, N Scale, O Gauge and O Scale models. In this blog we will feature some resent releases and items still available for pre-order. 

One of the most recent HO Scale Pennsylvania Railroad releases are the E6 Class 4-4-2 Atlantic's from BLI with both pre and post war era stylings. The most famous E6 the 460 is offered in both the pre-war chocolate striping as well as the as restored museum edition.

 BLI PRR Class E6 Atlantic 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive
Shop the BLI PRR Class E6 Atlantic 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive now!

HO Scale Pennsylvania Railroad The General Passenger Train

Walther's announced it would be producing another HO Scale Pennsy passenger train The General in 2021. The first round of cars has arrived with the rest to be released over the next several months. The General followed the same route as the Broadway Limited between New York and Chicago with Pullmans in tow but also carried head end traffic as well as coaches making it the slower of the 2 Blue Ribbon Streamliners. There are 2 Deluxe version 13 car sets, a Deluxe version Washington Section 3 car set and non deluxe versions of all of the car types offered in the sets. All of the cars offered as a part of The General can be used in Pennsy Passenger Trains of many other names as well. The first cars to arrive are the R50b Express Reefer, B50b Baggage Car, and the Pullman 10-6 Sleeper. Shop the PRR The General Collection today!

Walthers Proto PS 6 Double Bedroom Sleeper Pennsylvania Railroad Falls Series

We have very limited amounts of the remaining cars available for pre-order. Many of them are nearing a complete sellout with some of them already all spoken for, we are unable to get anymore as all allocations from Walther's are sold out. Several of the cars in this release have never been done before in plastic including the PS6L 6 Double Bedroom Sleeper in the Falls Series and the P85b coach.

Atlas HO Scale Heavyweight Pullman 10-1-2 Sleeper Pennsylvania Railroad

In keeping with the passenger train them we would also like to feature an upcoming release from Atlas, the HO Scale PS Heavyweight 10-1-2 Sleeper. The highly detailed cars are offered in 3 names: Lake Girard, Lake Auburn, and Lake Arthur.

Walthers Mainline HO Scale 40' Modernized ACF Boxcar Pennsylvania PRR

Keep the Pennsy alive into the 1970's and beyond with this 40' Modernized Boxcar from Walthers Mainline available in 3 numbers.

HO Scale Track Cleaning Boxcar PRR

Help to keep your layout running smoothly with this PRR MoW Track Cleaning Boxcar from Walthers.

MTH 20-3839-1 O Scale Premier 2-8-2 USRA Light Mikado Steam Loco Pennsylvania PRR 9628 with PS3
In O Scale we have the PRR 2-8-2 USRA Light Mikado in the MTH Premier Line. O Scale PRR steam of this caliber is not released very often. Click Here to shop all O Gauge and O Scale Pennsy offerings.

There are also many groups dedicated to modeling the PRR:

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