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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
Model Paints

Model Paints

White Rose Hobbies stocks several lines of paints for all types of scale models including model trains, plastic models and more. We carry AK Interactive, Testors Model Master, Scalecoat II, Tru-Color Paint, Tamyia, Vallejo and more in both enamels and acrylics. We also carry all off the accessories to make your project come out looking great.

How do you know what paint to use for what hobby project you have going on? A lot of model painting comes down to preference of brand and type of paint. Acrylic is water based making it easier to clean and thin. Enamel is oil based requiring mineral spirits to use as a thinner. Lacquer is a solvent-based paint. Each paint has its pros and cons making it best suited for different projects.

Acrylic is often used for wood, metal, fabrics and ceramics. Enamel is great on metal and plastic surfaces (ie. model kits). Most of the paint in the shop and on our website is labeled with the type of paint, if it is flat, matte, or gloss, and even what projects it is best suited for.

One of the most common projects people shop for paint for in our shop is painting clear RC bodies for their vehicles. While we have many spray paints in the shop our Spaz stix, Tamiya, & Traxxas are best suited for these polycarbonate bodies. See below to help with the Tamiya Spray Paint confusion:


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