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Lionel Trains 2022 Big Book Catalog Items

Lionel Trains 2022 Big Book Catalog Items

Lionel Trains Catalogs

Every year Lionel Trains releases at least one print catalog with its latest releases. For 2022 the print version will be condensed featuring only signature higher end items, while the digital versions will contain everything. You can view this year and other Lionel catalogs here:

We have made it easier than ever to pre-order the items contained in this new catalog by adding all new items to our website. Click Here to see the items currently available for pre-order!

With hundreds of new items, there will surely be something to please every O modeler from tradition items to scale model trains. We have selected some of the items we like best from Lionel's 122nd year of operations to feature here in this blog. We will be releasing more detailed content on specific items throughout the year.

LIONEL TRAINS Control and Power

Lionel Legacy BASE3
One of the newest items, the BASE3 (2208010), will help you to get the most available features out of your model trains by combining Legacy, TMCC and other control options all in one. Along with the BASE3, Lionel will be releasing a new app called CAB3 which will be the digital enhancement for previous offerings. The BASE3 will have the capability to support up to 10 controllers simultaneously including any combination of CAB1-L, CAB2, or the CAB3 App. The CAB3 App will be available for both Android and iOS devices at the release of the BASE3 . At least one download of the app will be included in the purchase price of the base, there may be fees for downloads on additional devices.

LIONEL TRAINS LionChief Model Train Sets

Lionel 2223060 Lionel Lines Mixed Freight O Gauge Model Train Set

The Lionel Lines Mixed Freight Train Set (2223060) features the convenience of modern technologies like Bluetooth 5.0 while maintaining the classic look of Lionel's famous post war model trains from the past.

Lionel O Scale Intermodal Well Car

Love it or hate it graffiti has become a part of modern railroading all over the world. Lionel has released several cars that have been hit by writers from all over the country. Click Here to bench our selection of tagged locomotives and rollingstock!


Lionel LionChief 2.0 Doodlebug

While Lionel has released RDC Budd Cars and other types of Interurbans they can now add the classic Doodlebug to their LionChief 2.0 lineup. Re-create the era before the Interstates or rush hour gridlock on your layout today. Our personal favorite from this run is the Maryland & Pennsylvania which could be seen running commuters from the White Rose City of York, Pa south to Baltimore, Md. 

LIONEL TRAINS VisionLine Locomotives and Rollingstock

Lionel VisionLine N&W Class A Steam Locomotive

Lionel has announced several new VisionLine items in the 2022 Big Book. VisionLine represents the very best in scale model trains. The 2022 lineup includes N&W Class A Steam Locomotives, stock cars, and passenger train horse cars used to transport prized race horses around the country. The locomotives are packed with features like whistle steam, cylinder steam, high fidelity sounds and more! The cars featuring LEGACY Control will draw attention to your layout with loading/unloading sequences, FreightSounds while in motion and more! Click Here to see everything we have available from the VisionLine. The VisionLine stock car 3 packs will include 1 car with sound and 2 without. As with other cars in the O Scale line they are easily converted to scale couplers.


Lionel Legacy ES44 Diesel

The LEGACY series locomotives announced in the 2022 big book included GE ES44 GEVo, EMD SD40-2, EMD SD90MAC, EMD F40PH, EMD F7 A and B, and ALCo RS-27 Diesels. The ES44s in this run feature the heritage schemes done by Canadian Pacific to honor its predecessor roads including the British Columbia Railway BC Rail, Elgin Joliet & Eastern EJ&E, Illinois Central WC, and Wisconsin Central WC. The BNSF 25th Anniversary Scheme, Canadian National Veterans, and a US Armed Forces scheme round out the group.

Lionel LEGACY EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotives

The SD40-2 Diesels in this announcement include many special schemes from the BN Bicentennial, NS Maersk Sealand, UP Desert Victory, Savage Veterans, and Louisville & Indiana Veterans.

Lionel Legacy Amtrak and CSX F40PH Diesels

 For the F40PH offerings Lionel has announced several refreshed Amtrak schemes from Phase III to Phase VI and also Veterans from the previous run when this was new tooling in 2016. Along with the F40PH diesel Lionel is again releasing NPCU Cabbages which Amtrak rebuilt to use for cab control and baggage. Also offered in 2016 was the CSX business train livery, In 2022, the scheme has been updated to match CSX's new Baltimore & Ohio Heritage inspired units.

Just when you thought there wasn't a need for another F-Unit in any scale there are a few you may just want to consider adding to the collection. With Norfolk Southern selling off their executive trains F9 ABBA Set to the Aberdeen Carolina & Western and the Reading and Northern two new F-Unit paint schemes were born. 

Lionel Legacy 2233590 Reading & Northern F7 AB Set

Lionel 2233580 O Scale LEGACY EMD F9 AB Set Aberdeen Carolina & Western ACWR BTO


Lionel has a long history of making holiday themed model trains mainly Halloween and Christmas cars, locomotives and complete train sets. The Hallow's Eve limited set will look spooktacular in any Halloween themed display.

Lionel Trains O Gauge 2228150 2022 Christmas Boxcar

Each year the Christmas boxcar is one of our best selling Lionel Trains items. The 2228150 2022 Christmas Boxcar is available for Pre-Order now. Start a new tradition or add one to your collection. Do not delay to ensure your at the top of the list, don't worry we always have plenty of coal at the shop if you miss out! 

Click Here to browse all Holiday themed O Gauge model trains now!

LIONEL TRAINS O Scale Freight Cars

 This year's additions to the scale O line include more GLa style coal hoppers in several railroad schemes as well as some private coal companies. They have also added in some of the tooling acquired from MTH with the coil car that features a detailed interior with coil steel loads. The Husky Stack car will be a great addition to any modern layout and will perform great empty or loaded with its die cast chassis. For the end of your trains, they have two all new to Lionel Cabooses, a bobber and a bay window design.

Lionel Trains O Scale Bobber Caboose

The Bobber Caboose makes its first appearance in the Scale O Line. The caboose features a LED lighted interior with figure and operating diecast couplers. The roadnames available for this release include: Baltimore & Ohio, Lehigh Valley, Maryland & Pennsylvania, Northern Central, Strasburg Railroad, and US Military Railroad. 

LIONEL TRAINS Traditional O Gauge

This year most of the traditional line including LionChief 2.0 will only be featured in the digital catalog. The 4-6-2 Pacific has been a favorite Lionel item since the 1950's. This years LC 2.0 lineup includes some bright and colorful pain schemes including the Reading and Northern's 4 and a Quarter or 425 (Lionel part # 2232130).

Lionel LionChief 4-6-2 Pacific Reading and Northern 425

Another new product to the line for 2022 is the Walking Brakeman car. The car will be available in Disney Pixar's Toy Story with the Woody Walking Brakeman (2228370) and a Chesapeake & Ohio version with more to come in the future.

Lionel 2228370 O Gauge Toy Story Woody Walking Brakeman


We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the highlights of the 2022 Lionel Big Book Catalog. Some of these items are available right now, but the majority can be found in our O Gauge and O Scale Pre-Order section of our website. Thanks you for taking the time to read this blog and we welcome your comments below.



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