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Tru-Color 349 Seasoned Brown Wood, 1 oz. Acrylic Model Paint

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Tru-Color 349 Seasoned Brown Wood
1 oz. Acrylic Solvent Based Model Paint

Tru-Color Paint is an acrylic solvent based model paint that is designed to be airbrushed directly from the bottle without thinning. Tru-Color Paint can be blended to produce a variety of shades and hues for your specific product needs. Although Tru-Color Paint contains a small percentage of acetone we DO NOT RECOMMEND that acetone be used to thin (dilute) the Tru-Color Paint. Adding just acetone to thin Tru-Color Paint may harm the intended gloss or semi-gloss finish our paint is intended to give as it will dry too fast. Also, too much acetone will cause the solvent system to evaporate too quickly during air brushing causing the painted surface to appear rough and/or may blush.

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