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Shop without credit today with acima! CLICK HERE to learn how!
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Tangent Scale Models 10712-14 HO Scale ACF 70-Ton Welded Drop-End Gondolas, Wabash "Original Black 1951+" WAB #12619

The 52-6 welded 70-ton drop-end gondola car as produced by ACF. First produced in 1948 for Pennsylvania Railroad as class G31, PRR alone purchased 11,600 welded cars of this body style in the G31/G31A/G31B/G35, serving the “Standard Railroad of the World” in every corner of North America in many customer applications. If you model somewhere in North America, you can use a PRR model! Besides PRR, several other railroads also purchased these gondolas from ACF, and some former PRR cars were purchased second-hand by various railroads. Most of these gondolas were phased from revenue service during the 1990s.


  • Dimensional accuracy – scaled from American Car and Foundry plans
  • Thoroughly-researched colors
  • Exact fonts and lettering placement – compare our replicas to the prototype photos!
  • Scale-sized side tie-downs!
  • See through tie down holes
  • “Stand-off” ladders
  • Wire grab irons and coupler lift bars
  • See-through brake platforms
  • Interior detail
  • Road-specific handbrakes applied to match production specifications (Universal and Equipco handbrakes available as separate parts, too!)
  • Air hoses
  • Weighted to NMRA specs for smooth operation
  • Kadee® scale metal couplers
  • Tangents 70-ton ASF A-3 Ride-Control trucks with free-rolling metal wheels – semi-scale wheels are available separately as well