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NCE 5240105 D15SRP HO Scale 6-Function [NMRA 8 Pin Plug DCC Decoder]

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NCE 5240105 D15SRP 6-Function

HO Scale NMRA 8 Pin Plug DCC Mobile Decoder

(Dual Mode, will operate on DC)

This HO Scale sized decoder with nine-pin JST connector and NMRA 8 Pin Plug harness makes for an easy installation. With 1.3 Amp (2 Amp peak) motor drive it also has 6 function outputs. Size: 1.08 x 0.630 x .275 inches 27.5 x 16.5 x 7 mm.

Click here for the manual from NCE Information Station

The NCE D15SR is an EPF (extended packet format) decoder supporting:

  • Silent Running motor drive
  • Improved DC operation (with lighting effects)
  • Torque Compensation (dither) for ultra smooth low speed performance
  • Programmable Start, Mid and Maximum speed works for all speed modes
  • Motor rating 1.3 Amp continuous, 2 Amp peak (stall)
  • All five function outputs have lighting effects generators
  • Select from 15 different lighting effects (Mars, strobes, beacon, flicker, etc)
    Lighting outputs can be mapped to different functions
  • Uploadable speed table interpolated to 128 speed steps
  • Decoder assisted consisting
    Support for all forms of DCC programming
  • Decoder programming lock mechanism
  • Brake on DC feature assists automatic train control

Lighting Information:

If you use LEDs we recommend a 1K ohm 1/4 Watt series resistor for each output

➙ Miniatronics #12-310-05 Yellow Glo White LEDs.

➙ Richmond Controls (or equivalent) Golden White LEDs.

➙ Miniatronics #18-712-10 (12v) or #18-014-10 (14v) incandescent bulbs

Function output ratings: Due to the high in-rush current of incandescent grain-of-wheat type bulbs (about 10 times their normal operating current) function outputs are rated at 40mA each if used with incandescent bulbs. We recommend the Miniatronics part number mentioned above. If you wish to use 50-100mA rated lamps we recommend a 22 ohm 1/4 Watt series resistor in function leads with each bulb (this will also greatly extend bulb life).