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Kalmbach Trains Magazine March 2019


Kalmbach Trains Magazine

March 2019

Rocky domes ready to roll

By Bob Johnston

North America's premier luxury train operator, Rocky Mountaineer, expands its GoldLeaf dome fleet in Canada

Past prime

By Dan Machalaba

No technology is forever; we're living that lesson now

Like clockwork

By Steve Sweeney

Heart-pounding track-renewal schedules come to life at midnight in a Swiss tunnel

Promontory's last passenger car

By Wendell Huffman

Leland Stanford's private car, a Virginia & Truckee coach, a Hollywood movie prop, and a museum piece — still alive at 150

Main Street of the Northwest

By Steve Glischinski

Northern Pacific, the second transcon, was closely tied to the region it served

In My Own Words: Portrait of a road foreman

By Gary D. Schlaeger

A mentor with a velvet touch on the throttle


By various photographers

Starry night