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Kalmbach 108327 Modern Toy Train Repair and Maintenance

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Kalmbach 10-8327 Modern Toy Train Repair and Maintenance

¸From tools, materials, and workbench setup to troubleshooting and electronics, well-known toy train mechanic Dick Teal demonstrates techniques for keeping toy trains from contemporary manufacturers in excellent condition. Includes steps for proper lubrication, TMCC/DCS troubleshooting, and the right way to replace traction tires, batteries, and light bulbs. It's the essential workbench guide for toy train operators.

  • Author: Dick Teal
  • Size: 5 1/4 x 8
  • Pages: 112
  • Color photos: 100

Richard (Dick) Teal Lives in Horicon, WI, and is a retired manager of product development for The John Deere Lawn & Garden Division of Deere & Co. He earned more than 30 patents over the course of his career. Dick began repairing trains a few years before retirement, and it has since become a second career. He repairs modern electronic locomotives, accessories, and transformers for Sommerfeld’s Trains in Butler, Wisconsin, and has written many related articles for Classic Toy Trains magazine. Dick’s other passion is country freestyle couple and line dancing. When he’s not repairing trains or dancing, Dick and his wife Ann are visiting their six children and 14 grandchildren.

Table of Contents

Introduction 5

How to create a repair workstation 7

Make a test track 8

Choose a transformer 9

DCS and TNCC 10

Tools, supplies, and more 12

Soldering tips 15

Finding parts and service information 17

Lionel parts 19

MTH parts 20

K-Line parts 21

Parts from other manufacturers 21

General repair and maintenance 22

Sound systems 22

Electrocouplers 25

Fan-assisted smoke systems 29

Pickup rollers and wiring 33

Direct current motors 36

Drive system lubriaction and repair 41

Lighting systems 47

Locomotive tethers 51

Lionel-specific locomotive repairs

Warranty and service 56

Electronic reverse units 57

Pullmor motors 60

RailSounds without TMCC 62

Command-control circuit boards 65

TMCC with RailSounds 2.5 77

TMCC with RailSounds 4.0 and 5.0 78

MTH-specific locomotive repairs 79

Warranty and service 79

Electronic DCRU with horn or whistle 81

ProtoSound (PS1) locomotives 84

LocoSound locomotives 94

ProtoSound 2.0 (PS2) locomotives 97

K-Line specific locomotive repairs 105

Warranty and service 105

Electronic reverse units 107

TMCC and RailSounds 108

Speed control 109

Glossary of terms 110

Index 111