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White Rose Hobbies Axial SCX10 II RC Crawler Build Part 1

White Rose Hobbies will be building a RC Crawler to showcase products that we sell in the shop. We have chosen the Axial SCX10 II Platform for the base of this project because of its proven ability on the trails as well as the availability of upgrades and custom parts. Marsh RC will be helping us with this build. You can check out the build videos on the Marsh RC YouTube Channel.


We chose the kit version of the SCX10 II because of the flex-ability of adding our choice of electronics, and other components of the build. The RTR Axial SCX10 is a great way to get up and running instantly, and is just as customizable.

If you have never seen what a kit version of an RC car or truck looks like, it comes much like a plastic model car kit. Parts need to be cut off the sprues and assembled into a finished component.


Check out the introduction video to this build now!

Traxxas UDR Unlimited Desert Racer is coming soon!

Sunday, February 4, 2018 11:34 AM

Traxxas UDR Unlimited Desert Racer is coming soon to White Rose Hobbies!


This all new trophy truck from Traxxas is going to be awesome! The size is a little different then anything that they have put out before. They are calling it Pro-Scale, which sits somewhere between 1/7 and 1/8th scale using the wheelbase as a measuring point.


The truck will have plenty of power and is capable of running on 2s up to 6s LiPo Batteries for a wide range of power to suit your driving style. The truck will feature a stout driveline that not only performs great but also fits into the Pro-Scale look that they are going for with this rig. Most notable is the solid rear axle with a spool for maximum toughness.


We are excited to get one into the shop as a part of the Traxxas exclusive to hobby shops first delivery program. The list price on this beast is 799.99 WRH Price will be $749.99 and we are taking pre-order reservations for in store only sales now.

The truck is available in 2 body options Justin Lofton's #41 Fox Racing #ahbeef rig as well as the Rigid Industries #1 Red and Black themed racer.


For more details check out the Traxxas UDR page on our website today!

You can also follow theexcitement on Facebook with the UDR Group Page!

The George Washington famed name train is coming in HO Scale!

Walthers George Washington Cheasapeake and Ohio Name Train

White Rose Hobbies will be stocking the full complement of the WalthersProto Cheaspeake and Ohio's famed George Washington Passenger Train.

CLICK HERE to check out our pricing on this very limited edition collection. You can enter your email address on this page to be notified when all of these products are available.

For business or a relaxing getaway, there was no finer way to travel between Washington and Cincinnati, than the George Washington of the early 1960s. Known simply as the George to its many fans, the train’s unique personality was reflected in everything from hardworking heavyweights up front carrying mail and baggage, to impeccable service inside the rebuilt Dormitory-Diner. Travel back to a time when getting there really was half the fun aboard Walther's newest HO Scale name train, featuring seven cars and matching E8A diesels.

Flagship of the Chesapeake & Ohio, the George Washington was a favorite with folks traveling for business or pleasure between Washington, DC, and Cincinnati. Serving other key southern cities and famed resorts along its route, it was known simply as the George to its legions of fans. Designed for maximum comfort with unique interior features, riders enjoyed C&O’s unique streamlined Pullman-Standard coaches or cozy overnight accommodations aboard luxurious 10-6 sleepers. In later years, meal service was provided inside updated dormitory-diner cars, rebuilt especially for the train. Following the consolidation of B&O passenger services, George became the hardest working train in America, handling up to 16 cars (including repainted heavyweights carrying mail and baggage) and requiring a trio of E8A units on parts of its run. Blocks of cars were set out and picked up at major stations en route, with service extending as far west as St. Louis. C&O’s long-standing tradition of providing the finest service possible continues into Amtrak era, with much of its route now served by the Cardinal.

Befitting its flagship status, the George Washington was listed in public timetables as train number one (westbound) and two (eastbound). By the 1960s, it was actually several trains in one, setting out and picking up blocks of cars at key cities that then operated as separate trains continuing to Detroit, Louisville, Chicago and St. Louis. 

National Train Show Orlando 2017 Announcements

Saturday, August 5, 2017 2:21 PM


National Train Show Orlando 2017 Announcements

White Rose Hobbies is your destination for many of the latest products from leading model railroad manufactures. Below we will show some of the highlights from this years NTS held in sunny Orlando, FL.

Walther's has announced several new products at the show including an entire line of UPS products in HO Scale.


Click Here to see the new line of Walther's UPS products including vehicles, figures, and structures.

Another new item from Walther's is the Jordan Spreader available in a kit or Ready to Run. Check out the WRH HO Scale MOW page.

The mighty Plymouth ML-8 now features LokSound and a keep alive.

Two all newly tooled pieces from the Walther's MainLine series is the 3181 Trinity 2-Bay covered hopper that differs from other models by the number of side panels and the 40' Thrall Rebuilt Well Car for the hot shot intermodal trains on your model railroad.

The all new Walthers Layout Control System brings you a low-cost solution for easy turnout control for HO, N, Z, S, and O Scale layouts!


Here is a video of the Walthers announcements:

Lionel also had some new items not yet announced on display including a surprise HO Scale Theater car for the executives on your model railroad. Another new previously un-announced item is a line of easy to set up HO Scale track that utilizes magnets instead of traditional rail joiners.


NJ International has announced a new simple to set up stand alone Signal System.

Digitrax has added a new Wi-Fi Module for their LocoNet Interface.


Bachmann has announced several new items including an HO Scale Siemens ACS-64 electric locomotive as well as a track powered flashing rear end device.

Intermountain had pre-productions samples of their HO Scale PS 4785 H54 Covered Hopper to display.

Athearn had decorated samples up the upcoming Genesis SDP40F in Amtrak and Santa Fe.


The Definitive SD40-2 is soon arriving in HO Scale from Scale Trains... 

Check them out on our website now: ScaleTrains HO Scale SD40-2They are available in 2 levels of detail starting with the Operator Series and Rivet Counter Series. 

Starting at just $79.99 ($119 with LokSound), the Operator HO Scale SD40-2 is designed for modelers who enjoy running dimensionally accurate trains and are less concerned about factory applied detail parts. The Operator SD40-2 is based upon the Rivet Counter SD40-2 body and mechanism. The Rivet Counter is fully loaded with details and starts at only $139.99 ($199 with LokSound).

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