White Rose Hobbies "The Patriot" Rustler 4X4 Full Option Build Part 2

Get Maximum Performance from Your Rustler!

The RC hobby involves much more than just driving your cars and trucks—it’s about customizing, modifying, and personalizing also. That’s why White Rose Hobbies stocks many hop-up parts from Traxxas for even greater performance and durability, not to mention the style of your RC. The Rustler 4X4 offers a great platform with many option parts available. As you scroll through this article, you’ll see we’ve taken a deep dive with nearly every factory upgrade for this popular stadium truck. Need to get caught up check out Part 1 now. (Click here to go to the WRH Rustler 4x4 Page). 

Part 2 will begin with using the Traxxas Power Up Program to upgrade the radio system from the TQ to the TQi system with TSM and to add Telemetry. You will need to download the Traxxas Link app to your mobile device to take advantage of all the features. Learn how to download here. We wanted to add the telemetry before installing the VXL-3s Motor and ESC upgrade to get some numbers to compare between the brushed and brushless systems. There are many benefits of installing the Traxxas Telemetry System. The Traxxas TQi radio system, Wireless Link Module, and Traxxas Link App transform your Apple or Android device into a powerful tuning tool with an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface. Adjust your radio trims and settings, vehicle profiles, update model memory, and tailor your vehicle for different driving conditions by means of a virtual dashboard and interactive screens. Using the complete TQi system and Traxxas Link app makes pro-level transmitter tuning fast, convenient, and easy.

Additional Parts List for Rustler 4x4 Build

Use the Power Up Program to get the TQi Radio System with the 6511 Link Module Pre-installed (6507R)

If you already have a TQi Radio but not the Link you will need (6511)

TQi Radio Phone Mount (6532)

Telemetry Expander 2.0 with GPS Module (6553X)

We used a combination of the Auto Detectable Voltage Sensor (6527) and the Power Tap with Connector (6541) to get our voltage reading.

Option: Long Telemetry Sensor for Temperature and Voltage (6521)

Auto Detectable Temperature Sensor (6526)

Motor Temperature Sensor Mount with Thermal Pad (6535)

Telemetry Trigger Magnet Holders for Spur Gear (6538)

Telemetry RPM Sensor (6520)

Aluminum Bearing Carrier for Slipper Clutch (6893X)


With the Traxxas Link App installed you will now be able to change the settings of your radio and esc easier then ever! Check out some of the features of the 6511 Bluetooth Link Model:

  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and up or Apple iOS 7.0 and later platforms
  • Use with the powerful Traxxas Link app, available on Google Play and the App Store
  • View real-time telemetry with optional sensors
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Easy and simple device pairing
  • Powered by TQi transmitter
  • Integrated into transmitter body
  • Quick and easy installation, installs in minutes Traxxas

After installing the Link module into your TQi Radio and downloading the app you can connect the two and see just how much you can do!


In order to make holding your phone and transmitter easier WRH carries the TQi Radio Phone Mount (6532)


After we got the Link working and synced up to our Rustler 4x4 we went through the firmware update process. The first time one of them hung up a bit but we tried again and they all updated with no issues. Here are a few screen shots of the process:



After we completed the firmware update process which took around 20 mins we were ready to begin exploring some of the features we now have access to. The GPS took a few seconds to link up when outside but worked with no issues to give us an accurate speed on our Rustler.

The next step was to install and enable the voltage sensor. For this we used a combination of the Auto Detectable Voltage Sensor (6527) and the Power Tap (6541). When using the two as is, the wire length was around 3 feet long. A 6543 is much shorter but we only had a 6541 on hand at the start of this build. For a clean install you can simply solder the wire on the 6527 sensor directly to the + on the plug (3070X) coming off of the ESC. We chose to use the 6541 Power tap because we are eventually upgrading the XL-5 ESC to the VXL-3s. This will allow an easier swap to the new ESC. In order to use the power tap you must have an older style 3070 plug, if you have a newer ID style plug 3070X the power tap will not work as is.




After we were happy with our new sensor we moved on to the motor temp sensor using the Auto Detectable Temperature Sensor (6526) and the mount (6535). After plugging them into the appropriate ports in the Telemetry Expander Module we fired up our app to see if they worked. They did not work! After checking that the sensors were plugged into the correct ports on the module we looked to the app for the fix.

On the dashboard of the app you need to delete the sensors and then re add them to the dashboard. It is also a good idea to refresh the telemetry setup screen found under the Garage icon on the main app screen. 

Steps to delete and re-add the sensors:


1. On the dashboard screen tap on the gauge for the sensor you would like to link. You will see a green icon with a wrench, Click on the wrench then remove. 

20200624_2130422. After it is removed you will have a blank spot where the gauge was, click on it again and you will see a green + sign, click it.


3. You can now select the new sensor in our case the EXT Temperature sensor in Expander Slot T-2.

4. The Gauge is now set for EXP Temperature which is the correct sensor in Slot T-2.

After we got both our temp and voltage sensors configured we moved on to the RPM sensor (6520) and Telemetry Trigger Magnet Holder (6538). We knocked out a few other upgrades while installing the RPM sensor including the aluminum driveshaft, aluminum motor mount, and aluminum bearing carrier for the slipper clutch assembly.




The RPM sensor replaces a knock out in the motor mount and the magnet holder includes the longer screws needed to attach it to the spur gear. One thing to note when installing the magnet into the holder - make sure that the red dot will be facing the sensor. The RPM sensor plugs into the RPM telemetry port on the 6533 TQi Receiver and worked without any changes to the dashboard on the Link App.



The Aluminum Bearing Carrier (6893X) is a great upgrade from stock part because it will hold up better under extreme heat as well as wear and tear. Since we had to tear the slipper assembly down to add the magnet holder it was a great time to add this improvement. After installing the 6888X front drive hub into the 6765R aluminum driveshaft we had a more stable and stronger driveshaft to get the power to the front of the vehicle.

Stay tuned for Part 3 when we add more power to our build when switching from the brushed Titan motor and XL5 ESC to the brushless Velineon VXL-3s motor and ESC.

White Rose Hobbies "The Patriot" Rustler 4X4 Full Option Build Part 1

Get Maximum Performance from Your Rustler!

The RC hobby involves much more than just driving your cars and trucks—it’s about customizing, modifying, and personalizing also. That’s why White Rose Hobbies stocks many hop-up parts from Traxxas for even greater performance and durability, not to mention the style of your RC. The Rustler 4X4 offers a great platform with many option parts available. As you scroll through this article, you’ll see we’ve taken a deep dive with nearly every factory upgrade for this popular stadium truck.

Here is our starting point for this build, a stock Rustler 4x4 with Titan 550 Power (brushed). (Click here to go to the WRH Rustler 4x4 Page). Almost all of the upgrades in this article can be installed on any Stampede 4x4 as well as Slash 4x4.

Getting Started

You can use the tool kit supplied with the vehicle to install all of the parts we will use in this build but we recommend that you upgrade to a full size RC tool kit. The Traxxas 3415 essential tool kit is a great option and will handle most basic RC repairs and upgrades. To see our full line of RC specific tools click here.

3415-combo-01Full Parts List for Rustler 4x4 Build

(Red denotes parts are for Stampede or Slash 4x4 builds)

Red wheelie-bar wheels (5186)

Steel front drive hub if powering up to VXL brushless power (6888X)

Wheelie bar, VXL model Rustler 4x4's already have this installed (6776) 

Red center driveshaft for Rustler 4x4, VXL models have this already installed  (6755R)

Wheelie bar if building out a Slash or Stampede 4x4 (4974)

Red TUBES front camber links (3643R)

HD front shafts (2) (6851A)

Red TUBES rear camber links (3644R)

HD rear shafts (2) (6852A)

Red TUBES toe links (6742R)

HD Blue suspension arms (2) (3655P)

Red rear stub-axle carriers (1952A)

Slipper clutch rebuild kit (5352R)

Blue motor plate for Slash or Stampede 4x4 build (6890X)

11-tooth pinion gear if powering up to VXL Brushless power (6747)

Blue motor mount for Slash or Rustler 4x4 build (7460R)

Red caster blocks (6832R)

Blue GTR Shocks, long (7461)

Blue steering blocks (6837X)

Blue GTR Shocks, XXL (7462)

Blue rear shock tower for Stampede and Shash 4x4 builds (6838X)

Blue wheel nuts (1747R)

Blue rear shock tower for Rustler 4x4 builds (6738X)

Long GTR Springs 0.767 rate (7444)

Blue front shock tower for Stampede and Shash 4x4 builds (6839X)

XXL GTR Springs 0.874 rate (7446)

Blue front shock tower for

Rustler 4x4 builds (6739X)

High-Torque 330 servo (2250)

Recommended Hardware:

3x12mm Button-head Screw (2578)

3x15mm Button-Head Screw (2579)

Thread Locker (BSI-171)

Sledgehammer mounted tires (2) (6792)

We started off in the suspension department with the new Heavy Duty (HD) arms used on the Rustler 4X4. In addition to being molded in a new, more resilient material; you can see that the new arms have a different shape than the original (black) arms. You can get the arms in blue, orange, white, red, green, and black. While our stock Rustler was already equipped with the HD Arms, we chose to swap them with the blue color ones to make the build pop! We also replaced the plastic shock towers with blue-anodized versions (6738X6739X) for our Rustler 4x4 build and (6838X6839X) for Slash and Stampede 4x4's,which bolt right on. We really can’t knock the plastic towers, they’re great... but the aluminum versions look amazing, and they're even stiffer. One thing to note; when working with aluminum parts you will want to add a small drop of blue thread locker to the screws to prevent them from backing out.


Heavy Duty A-Arms

Aluminum Shock Towers

Rustler 4x4 Shock tower comparison

We swapped the plastic Ultra Shocks with ultra-high-performance aluminum GTR shocks (74617462). The GTR shocks hold more oil for improved damping consistency and their PTFE-coated bores and TiN-coated shafts provide ultra-low friction for long seal life. The GTR's threaded aluminum bodies allow precise pre-load adjustments and their screw-secured spring perches can’t pop off. GTR shock colors include blue, green, and hard-anodized dark grey. Note: the GTR shocks do not include springs. Springs come in a variety of different stiffness levels (or “rates”), and we went with “black” springs (74447446) as used by the Slash 4X4 Platinum and Ultimate. The springs are all white, the “black” refers to the spot of paint that color-codes the springs.


Blue aluminum GTR Shocks

Large bore GTR shocks

Colored bars denote spring rate

Replace your stock composite steering and caster blocks with these great looking anodized aluminum parts. They're machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength and light weight. They come in a variety of brilliant anodized colors like red, blue, green, and orange. We opted for red caster blocks (
6832R) and blue steering blocks (6837X), plus red-anodized rear carriers (1952A). The steering blocks also include fresh bearings. 


Red aluminum caster blocks
blue_aluminum_steering_blocksBlue aluminum steering blocksStock_Steering_Compare

Stock steering block comparison

The Titan-powered (brushed) Rustler 4x4 RTR uses convenient plastic camber links and steel turnbuckles to set front toe-in. The optional TUBES camber links (3643R3644R) and toe links (6742R) offer increased strength and adjust-ability. The ultra-strong TUBES toe and camber links come with brilliant red, green, or blue anodized finishes. A premium 7 mm wrench comes with each set of TUBES to protect the anodized finish while making precise adjustments to your suspension.


Red TUBES camber links

Red TUBES toe links

TUBES allow precise adjustments

While installing the suspension parts on a Slash or Stampede, it's a great time to upgrade the driveshafts with the extreme heavy-duty units which are already included on the Rustler 4X4. As you can see, the Rustler shafts (grey) are beefier than the stock Stampede parts. The shafts are sold as singles, so you’ll need two each of the fronts (6851A) and rears (6852A). The modular construction of Traxxas 4x4's makes it easy to remove the front and rear suspensions as complete units, which is a lot more convenient than wrestling with the entire truck while you wrench.


Extreme-duty driveshafts vs stock

Rear module

Front module

Our brushed Rustler 4x4 lacks a few features of the VXL model, a wheelie bar for one. We installed the (6776) wheelie bar as well as the upgraded aluminum wheels with rubber tires. They not only look great but the wider rubber wheels provide much more stability over the stock plastic wheels.


Stock plastic vs aluminum and rubber hop up
RustlerWheelieBar1Stock plastic vs aluminum and rubber hop up installed on the wheelie bar

This concludes the modifications to be done in part 1 of this build. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will upgrade some of the drivetrain components including using the Traxxas Power Up Program to upgrade our the TQ radio system to the TQI radio system with the bluetooth link.  We also review some of the telemetry options available for this vehicle.  More details regarding other upgrade options with the Traxxas Power Up Program (such as converting brushed to brushless VXL system) is covered later in part 3. 

Check out Part 2 Here

White Rose Hobbies Axial SCX10 II RC Crawler Build Part 1

White Rose Hobbies will be building a RC Crawler to showcase products that we sell in the shop. We have chosen the Axial SCX10 II Platform for the base of this project because of its proven ability on the trails as well as the availability of upgrades and custom parts. Marsh RC will be helping us with this build. You can check out the build videos on the Marsh RC YouTube Channel.


We chose the kit version of the SCX10 II because of the flex-ability of adding our choice of electronics, and other components of the build. The RTR Axial SCX10 is a great way to get up and running instantly, and is just as customizable.

If you have never seen what a kit version of an RC car or truck looks like, it comes much like a plastic model car kit. Parts need to be cut off the sprues and assembled into a finished component.


Check out the introduction video to this build now!

Traxxas UDR Unlimited Desert Racer is coming soon!

Sunday, February 4, 2018 11:34 AM

Traxxas UDR Unlimited Desert Racer is coming soon to White Rose Hobbies!


This all new trophy truck from Traxxas is going to be awesome! The size is a little different then anything that they have put out before. They are calling it Pro-Scale, which sits somewhere between 1/7 and 1/8th scale using the wheelbase as a measuring point.


The truck will have plenty of power and is capable of running on 2s up to 6s LiPo Batteries for a wide range of power to suit your driving style. The truck will feature a stout driveline that not only performs great but also fits into the Pro-Scale look that they are going for with this rig. Most notable is the solid rear axle with a spool for maximum toughness.


We are excited to get one into the shop as a part of the Traxxas exclusive to hobby shops first delivery program. The list price on this beast is 799.99 WRH Price will be $749.99 and we are taking pre-order reservations for in store only sales now.

The truck is available in 2 body options Justin Lofton's #41 Fox Racing #ahbeef rig as well as the Rigid Industries #1 Red and Black themed racer.


For more details check out the Traxxas UDR page on our website today!

You can also follow theexcitement on Facebook with the UDR Group Page!

The George Washington famed name train is coming in HO Scale!

Walthers George Washington Cheasapeake and Ohio Name Train

White Rose Hobbies will be stocking the full complement of the WalthersProto Cheaspeake and Ohio's famed George Washington Passenger Train.

CLICK HERE to check out our pricing on this very limited edition collection. You can enter your email address on this page to be notified when all of these products are available.

For business or a relaxing getaway, there was no finer way to travel between Washington and Cincinnati, than the George Washington of the early 1960s. Known simply as the George to its many fans, the train’s unique personality was reflected in everything from hardworking heavyweights up front carrying mail and baggage, to impeccable service inside the rebuilt Dormitory-Diner. Travel back to a time when getting there really was half the fun aboard Walther's newest HO Scale name train, featuring seven cars and matching E8A diesels.

Flagship of the Chesapeake & Ohio, the George Washington was a favorite with folks traveling for business or pleasure between Washington, DC, and Cincinnati. Serving other key southern cities and famed resorts along its route, it was known simply as the George to its legions of fans. Designed for maximum comfort with unique interior features, riders enjoyed C&O’s unique streamlined Pullman-Standard coaches or cozy overnight accommodations aboard luxurious 10-6 sleepers. In later years, meal service was provided inside updated dormitory-diner cars, rebuilt especially for the train. Following the consolidation of B&O passenger services, George became the hardest working train in America, handling up to 16 cars (including repainted heavyweights carrying mail and baggage) and requiring a trio of E8A units on parts of its run. Blocks of cars were set out and picked up at major stations en route, with service extending as far west as St. Louis. C&O’s long-standing tradition of providing the finest service possible continues into Amtrak era, with much of its route now served by the Cardinal.

Befitting its flagship status, the George Washington was listed in public timetables as train number one (westbound) and two (eastbound). By the 1960s, it was actually several trains in one, setting out and picking up blocks of cars at key cities that then operated as separate trains continuing to Detroit, Louisville, Chicago and St. Louis. 

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